Explore the Camino routes in Croatia and enjoy that unique Camino experience.
The Camino route through Croatia is being developed in stages. You can check the active stages here, pick the first one and discover rich treasury of cultural and historical heritage.

Camino route in Croatia stretches over 2.000 km and is based on medieval pilgrimage routes from Croatia to Santiago de Compostela

The complete route has 20 route stages. Currently 5 stages are active (waymarked and with pilgrim infrastructure), with others in development.

You can walk on Camino Croatia for a week or weekend on active stages and follow in the footsteps of Croatian pilgrims who walked to Santiago de Compostela since 1203.

87 km – 5 days

Forests and rivers, historical towns and villages with stunning forests

108 km – 6 days 

Olive groves, vineyards, beaches, UNESCO cathedral of St. James

160 km – 7 days

Rich river flatlands, unique art heritage, desert sands and more

75 km – 3 days

Unique landscape, warm hospitality, outdoor cathedral  

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Croatian Confraternity of St. James is a member of Archicofradía Universal del Apóstol Santiago, founded by the Pope’s decree in 1499. 


The project “Camino Croatia” organized by the  Confraternity of St. James is officially supported by the President of the Croatian Parliament (Sabor RH)

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