Join us on the Camino Banovina event, a free organized tour that will take you on a journey of spiritual discovery and stress-relief, through the stunning landscapes and rich history of the Banovina region in Croatia. This event runs from April 26th to 30th, 2023, but you’re welcome to participate for any days that suit your schedule.


Follow in the footsteps of Croatian pilgrims who have walked these paths since the 13th century on their way to Santiago de Compostela. Connect with fellow pilgrims, walk through picturesque villages and explore local heritage. Participants will have have an opportunity to create unique Camino souvenirs. This journey is the perfect way to disconnect from the stresses of everyday life and reconnect with your inner self.
So why not join us on this free organized tour and discover the beauty of this Camino route in Croatia for yourself!

DAY 1. 27.4. Thursday: Sisak – Petrinja (17.3 km) 
DAY 2. 28.4. Friday: Petrinja – Prnjavor Čuntićki (20.0 km) 
DAY 3. 29.4. Saturday: Prnjavor Čuntićki – Glina (19.8 km)
DAY 4. 30.4. Sunday: Glina – Topusko (19.0 km)

Četvrtak, 27.4.: Sisak – Petrinja (17 km)
• 8:00 h Petrinja, gathering in the main park, in front of the church of st. Lovre, organized transfer to Sisak
• 9:00 h Sisak, Veliki Kaptol, start of the walk towards Petrinja
• 10:30 h Mošćenica, chapel of St. James 
• 12.30 h Slatina, visit to the Church of Trasfiguration of the Lord 
• 14:00 h Petrinja, lunch break at restaurants Štuka and Zelena oaza
• 16:00 h Sajmište,  introduction to local pottery tradition 
• 19:00 h Petrinja, holy mass at the church of st. Lovre
• 20:00 h transfer to the Prnjavor Čuntički, hostel Vrata Zrinske gore  

Petak, 28.4.2023. Petrinja – Prnjavor Čuntićki (20 km)
• 7:30 h Prnjavor Čuntički, organized transfer to Petrinja
• 8:00 h church of St.  Lovre, start of the walk
• 9:30 h remains of the church of the Holy Spirit, walk to village Hrastovica
• 10:00 h Hrastovica, tourist property Unina Mala kuća, donativo refreshment
• 11:00 h Hrastovica, church of st. Bartol
• 12.30 h highest peak of Hrastovačka gora, hiking lodge Matija Filjak, lunch catering
• 14:30 h old lookout point, Gornja Bačuga, Hrvatski Čuntić
• arrival at Prnjavor Čuntićki, hostel Vrata Zrinske gore  
• optional visit to the local church 

Subota, 29.4.2023. Prnjavor Čuntički – Glina (20 km)
• 8:00 h departure from Prnjavor Čuntički, walk through villages: Donja Bačuga, Luščani, Brnjeuška, Majske Poljane to Glina
• Glina lunch, church of st. Ivan Nepomuk
• 17:00 h Glina, transfer to the sanctuary of the Virgin Mary and transfer to hostel at  Prnjavor Čuntički (večera, noćenje)

Nedjelja, 30.4.2023. Glina – Topusko (19 km)

• 7:30 h transfer from Prnjavor to Glina,
• 8:00 h start of the walk from Glina parish church – walk though villages Donji and Gornji Viduševac, the church of St. Francis, refreshments, Šatornja, Gređani to Topusko
• 13:00 h Gređani, Gređani Community Center, refreshments provided
• 14:00 h Topusko, Opatovina park, the story of the Cistercian portal from the 14th century. century and the history of the Cistercians
• 14:30 h Topusko, lunch, swimming in pools with healing water in Top – Terme (All-day entrance fee for the pool is 6.64 euros per person, and 5.31 euros for 3 hours of pool use)
• 17:30 departure by bus to Glina
• 18:00 h Glina, mass in the church of St. John


For more details on daily stages visit Camino Banovina – official website.
For all additional questions reach out at Viber community Camino Croatia

Arrival and accommodation is organized by the participants. Weekend option of excursion from Zagreb depends on the number of people interested in this (if you check this during registration, the organizer will get back to you with details). 
If you are offering or seeking a ride from Zagreb reach out in the Viber community Camino Croatia.

Accommodation options:
In the town of Petrinja – click here for more info  
or you can stay at Hostel Vrata Zrinske gore 

There will be daily free transfers from Petrinja town center and Hostel “Vrata Zrinske gore” to the start of each daily stage as well as return in the afternoon.

make sure you take comfortable hiking footwear
depending on weather conditions make sure you take sun/rain protection
carry at least 2l of water, sandwich, fruit or energy bars

The organizers retain the right to modify the event program, all potential changes will be published on this web page.


Chat support is available on Facebook and Viber from experienced pilgrims who walked this route. Share your experiences and connect with other pilgrims.

Camino Banovina event is organized by The Confraternity of St. James – Croatia in partnership with Sisak-moslavina region Tourist Board, Sisak moslavina county, Petrinja Tourist Board, City of Petrinja and City of Glina as well as HPD Zrin and association GRAK.

Camino Banovina is a project realized with the support of Croatian National Tourist Board.