If you visit Glina, be sure that you will come across a beautiful green oasis. When we say that, we originally mean Ban Josip Jelačić Park. You will be enchanted by the lawn full of colorful flowers in this renovated park. The variety of trees counts as many as 167 different ones, and children’s laughter and games can be heard from the modern playground.

A trade fair used to be held at that place.

The city hall with the statue of ban Jelačić stands out in the city, in the immediate vicinity of which a musical fence made of melodic pipes has been erected. By banging on them, you can play the national anthem of Croatia yourself. Isn’t that a special experience?

Near Glina, more precisely in Bojna, you can visit a real archaeological sensation. For all lovers of archaeology, this will be the right place to learn something new about the many precious objects of this region.

Among other sights, the following stand out:

  • The House of the Croatian Anthem
  • Crkvište Memorial
  • bust of Josip Runjanin
  • the statue of the first Croatian president, Franjo Tuđman
  • Suza memorial