Petrinja can boast of beautiful greenery, where the main streets of the city present the distinctive style of baroque and classicism.

Located along the river of the same name, the promenade along Petrinjčica is one of the most beautiful places in this city, because besides being quite long, it is the destination of many passionate cyclists who want to stay in nature in peace and quiet surrounded by a dense forest.

Strossmayer Promenade stands out in the very center of the city, a city park with charming and diverse plants and rare trees, also protected in the category of garden architecture.

The mountains around Petrinja are of special value because they are among the three richest regions in terms of drinking water supplies and the richest area with chestnuts.

Be sure to visit Hrastovačka Gora, which is a great destination regardless of the season. Walking through the forest you will come across small springs. You will also see the interesting White Rocks and several abandoned quarries, where animals like algae once lived.

If you find yourself near the village of Šušnjar, take a look at the cave of the same name, which is considered unique in Europe due to its geological structure.