Camino Brač is 150-kilometre long circular route across the Island of Brac. It starts and ends in Supetar, the town with the ferry port.

The Brac route is divided into 8 daily stages, which are well-marked with signposts and you can also use a smartphone with a GPS file.

Daily stages are just suggestions, feel free to plan your own Camino schedule based on your fitness level.

We remind you to be careful, because some parts of the section may be overgrown with grass. Considering that the markings are on stones and walls along the road, there is a possibility that they will be covered, and in that area we definitely recommend using the route with

Setup GPS route on your smartphone:

  • First install Maps.Me application (for iPhone and Android)
  • Then, on your smartphone open this web page and click on Camino Brac GPS file download  After you download it, open it in the Maps.Me application.

Section length: 21.4 km

Supetar – Mirca: 3.95 km
Mirca – Sutivan: 4 km
Sutivan – Ložišća: 8.35 km
Ložišća – Bobovišća: 1 km
Bobovišća – Milna: 4.1 km

Section length: 26.7 km

Milna – Blaca: 21.6 km
Blaca – Farska: 5.1 km

Section length: 12.6 km

Farska – Murvica: 5.9 km
Murvica – Bol: 6.7 km

Section length: 23.6 km

Bol – Gornji Humac: 9.6 km
Gornji Humac – Selca: 14 km

Section length: 11.5 km

Selca – Sumartin: 2.5 km
Sumartin – Novo Selo: 4.7 km
Novo Selo – Povlja: 4.3 km

Section length: 15.2 km

Povlja – Pučišća: 15.2 km

Section length: 18 km

Pučišća – Pražnica: 5 km
Pražnica – Postira: 13 km

Section length: 19 km

Postira – Splitska: 3 km
Splitska – Škrip: 3 km
Škrip – Dol: 3 km
Dol – Nerežišća: 10 km

Section length: 10 km

Nerežišća – Donji Humac: 3 km
Donji Humac – Supetar: 7 km