The first and the most important item of Camino gear are boots/shoes. These are two tips that are valid for all.

  • pick one size larger then your regular shoe size.
  • Make sure your boots/shoes collect some mileage before your start your Camino.

Anything after that comes down to your personal preference and foot comfort. 
There is an extensive debate on hiking boots vs. hiking shoes. On my first Camino I found my Salewa lightweight hiking boots great (lightweight, waterproof, comfortable, handled muddy conditions well) . But on my second Camino I was converted to hiking shoes (even lighter, waterproof, comfortable). 

There is another debate on waterproof (less breathable) vs. non-waterproof (more breathable) shoes. The shoes that work for me after 8 Camino’s and over 3,000 of walking are Adidas Terrex Free Hiker hiking shoes.

Make sure you get hiking socks without any stiches that my cause blisters, and with extra cushioning for your soles.