The grand massif of Risnjak, with its bare white rocks rising on the highest peaks, dominantly rises above the greenery of the Gorski Kotar forests. As the crown of the rising rocks stands Veliki Risnjak (1528 m), one of the most beautiful Croatian viewpoints, opening out to the endless vistas of Kvarner Bay, Kamnik and Julian Alps – Slovenia’s Snežnik, Klek, Bjelolasica, Velebit… You can find a place to rest in the modern mountain hut right at the foot of the peak, on the beautiful Schlosser’s meadow, open from May to October. 

It is telling that almost all protected natural areas of Gorski Kotar are related to the phenomenon of karst and are located in typical karst areas. That is why the karst regions of great beauty and the diverse landscapes of the continental, highland and mountainous parts of the county are primarily represented by our only strict nature reserve White and Saddle Rocks.

Bjelolasica is the tallest mountain of Gorski Kotar and an excellent viewpoint if you are lucky enough to reach the top in fair weather. One of the possible starting points for the climb is Begovo Razdolje (1,078 m), a small settlement in Gorski Kotar boasting as the highest inhabited settlement in Croatia. There are two ways for reaching the top – one via Žuta, and the other via Vrbovska poljana, both an about two and a half-hour walk.

The Snježnik massif, located north-west of the peak of Risnjak, is densely covered with vegetation. The peak of Snježnik (1506 m) is rocky, surrounded by flowering mountain meadows and offering beautiful views in all four directions. The Snježnik mountain hut, with a capacity of 20 beds, is located only a few minutes from the top.

The peak of Mount Bitoraj is a group of rocks rising above the forest vegetation that covers the entire mountain. This peak is also the only viewpoint on Bitoraj. Because of the frequent gusts of the strong bora wind, this mountain is also called Burni (“Windy”) Bitoraj. Just below the peak, stands the simple mountain refuge of Bitorajka.

The peak of Bijela kosa offers a beautiful view of the town of Vrbovsko. It is situated in a wooded and uninhabited part of Velika Kapela, between Klek and Vrbovsko. The peak itself, in the form of a rocky ridge, stands at a height of 1289m. Below the peak, the forest was cleared for the construction of a ski resort, which was never finished.