With its permanent exhibition “Wilderness with a Sea View” in Zrinski Castle, Brod na Kupi, the Rijeka Natural History Museum presents to visitors the natural heritage of Gorski Kotar – from Kupa valley and the karst underground, including the most significant forest communities, mountains above the forest line, all the way up to the sky and the clouds. Both the permanent exhibition and the interpretation centre represent an extraordinary tourist attraction in the castle dating back to the 17th century, situated right at the border with Slovenia.

This is a place where you can learn interesting facts about bears, wolves and lynxes. Its multimedia set-up, providing visitors with a forest feel, combines a classic and modern approach to the interpretation of Gorski Kotar. With the effects of seasonal changes, it introduces the visitors to the magical and hidden world of large carnivores. The display relies on modern technologies of 3D print and computer software, as well as classic skills in modelling, sculpting and painting, which adds warmth and emotion of human creative processes.

This cultural and tourist route comprises seventeen castles, two of which are located in Gorski Kotar – in Čabar and Brod na Kupi. In Čabar, the Centre tells the story of how the Frankopan and Zrinski families ran the estate, whereas in Brod na Kupi, the Centre show the relationship that the Frankopan and Zrinski families had with nature. The Frankopans left behind them numerous castles, fortified towns and mansions, scattered across Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, which invoke the spirit of the past, intrigue, conflict, culture, literacy and religiousness.

Visit the unique interpretation centre in Crni Lug which presents a number of natural, historical and traditional specificities of Gorski Kotar in a modern way. In addition to a lot of information about the three large carnivores living in the area of Gorski Kotar and Risnjak NP (wolf, lynx and bear), you can also learn about the history and rich tradition of the area: the bell ringers of Gorski Kotar known as “Pesniki”, production of glass, the process of making special woolen socks called “kopice”, and many more interesting facts…

The “Birth House of the River Kupa” is a centre for welcoming, educating and informing visitors about the great diversity of Kupa River. The Centre, as clearly indicated in its name, is located in the immediate vicinity of the source of Kupa River as the only Croatian river with its own “birth house”.

This Interpretation Centre is located in an old village school, and keeps alive the history and memories of the village Razloge and its people. The Centre tells the story of shingles, construction material characteristic of Gorski Kotar, nowadays mostly made by retired foresters. Visitors can learn about traditional rural architecture of the typical settlements of the region, about handicraft such as wickerwork, and about pastures and bee-keeping. The Centre also provides insight into three animals: the lynx, the wolf and the bear.