Daily Stage information

Section length: 19.3 km 
Estimated time: 5:30 h
Highest point : 645m
Lowest point: 394 m

Setup GPS route on your smartphone:

  • First install Maps.Me application (for iPhone and Android)
  • Then, on your smartphone open this web page and click on Camino Imota GPS file download. After you download it, open it in the Maps.Me application.

The beginning of the Camino Imota route, in the direction of Imotski, is suitably enough, well immersed in the local historical heritage. The route starts at Biornine, a location featuring medieval tombstones called “stečci”- unique to the region. The route leads us next to the shrine of the saint that bears the name of pilgrimage honoring him – the church of St. James (Santiago) at Cista Velika. A short walk from the church, following the yellow arrows on the sidewalk, there is a slight detour to the right, to the archaeological site of Crikvine, a place well worth visiting.

After this detour the route leads back to the main road, along the sidewalk, for another short stretch. If you gaze to the right you’ll see a quite unusual sight – a huge ship made of stone, in the middle of dry land. There was no giant wave that brought it here, just a quirky architectural taste. Shortly after, the route turns to the left, leaving the road and continuing slightly uphill. After the initial section of pavement, the surface turns to the rocky ground, typical to the wider Dalmatian region. After a sharp turn to the right and just before another sharp turn, this time to the left take a short pause and look to the right. On a clear day you’ll see a row of windmills. Just between the last two pairs to the right, there is a view of the sea, in a narrow passage between two hills.

The path continues uphill with yellow arrows leading the way, marked on stones along the path. As the path widens there is a view of windmills on top of the hill, reminiscent of a climb up Alto de Pedron on Camino Frances (just without the pilgrim sculptures). The route continues into a pine forest offering a welcome shade in warmer months. The forest slowly disappears into a typical Dalmatian vegetation as the route slides gently downwards towards the outskirts of Cista Provo. The center of this village, with stores and bars offers an opportunity for a break.

Following the sidewalk, the route quickly leaves Cista Provo with another turn to the left, returning to the sidewalk just before Lovreć – destination for the first day of Camino Imota.

Accommodation availability at the end of each daily route is very limited. Most pilgrims select their accommodation at one destination on Camino Imota route  and use local taxi services to get to and from daily stages.