Daily Stage information

Section length: 26.2 km
The average walking time: 7 h
Highest point: 420 m
Lowest point: 253 m

Setup GPS route on your smartphone:

  • First install Maps.Me application (for iPhone and Android)
  • Then, on your smartphone open this web page and click on Camino Imota GPS file download. After you download it, open it in the Maps.Me application.

The area at Proložac is a bit different from the harsh rocky landscape of the countryside. A river loops around a small island with a unique attraction – the Green cathedral, an outdoor shrine. The path winds along the river, with its ancient mills and churches. Just after the path leading outside the town there is a fascinating, though small waterfall area. Fertile soil and the proximity of water makes this area a local granary with plenty of fields alongside the route. The shade of the trees near the river provide a welcome shade in the warmer months with the river itself acting as a kind of natural air conditioning. The route leads us to Kamenmost, a small village with bars and stores – a good place to rest.
The route continues along the path following the river, to the village of Zmijavci, continuing through the villages Runovići and Vinjani Donji. After the final village the route takes a turn to the left, back to Imotski. This section is on a sidewalk along the main road leading uphill. The Camino Imota ends at the Church of St. Francis at Imotski.
Any missing stamps as well as a pilgrim certificate for the Camino Imota route can be had at the Imota Tourist Board office, a few minutes walk from the church.

Accommodation availability at the end of each daily route is very limited. Most pilgrims select their accommodation at one destination on Camino Imota route and use local taxi services to get to and from daily stages.