The Church of the Assumption at Durmiševac was built in 1873. Since the nearby church on Opačac, owned by the Franceschi family, was neglected for a long time, the Bishop of Makarska allowed the parish priest of Proložac to build a new church to celebrate the Assumption. Not far from the church, along the river Vrljika, in 1995, an “outdoor church” was built, the so-called Green cathedral – a structure with the outlines of a three-nave basilica with a sanctuary and a facade (designed by architect Edo Šegvić) – where a holy mass and procession is held for the feast of the Assumption. The whole area around Durmiševac and neighboring Opačac is a kind of “Our Lady’s Garden” of the Imotski region – a place of peace, tranquility, gathering and prayer.