Camino Imota offers unique scenery and rich cultural and historical heritage. It is divided into 3 daily stages, each day offering a unique Camino experience.

The route is well-marked with Camino markers but it is still advisable to use Camino Imota app  (available on iPhone and Android) or a GPS file of the route. 

Setup GPS route on your smartphone:

  • First install Maps.Me application (for iPhone and Android)
  • Then, on your smartphone open this web page and click on Camino Imota GPS file download. After you download it, open it in the Maps.Me application.

Camino Imota pilgrimage route starts at Biorine (site Pištet), it continues through Cista Velika passing by its church of St. James and the archeological site Crikvine; the first day ends in Lovreć.

Length 19.3 km
Estimated time: 5:30 h
Highest point : 645m
Lowest point: 394 m

The second day from Lovreć continues through Nikolić, Strinić, Lokvičić and Prološko Blato, all the way to Proložac and the unique Green Cathedral.

Length 23.1 km
Estimated time: 6:30 h
Highest point: 743 m
Lowest point: 268 m

On the third day, the route continues through Kamenmost, Zmijavci and Runovići to Vinjani and Imotski; There, in the church of St. Francis, ends this section of the Croatian network of Ways of St. James.

Length: 26.2 km
Estimated time: 7 h
Highest point: 420 m
Lowest point: 253 m

Accommodation availability at the end of each daily route is very limited. Most pilgrims select their accommodation at one destination on Camino Imota and use local taxi services to get to and from daily stages.

If you have any additional questions, here is how to get answers.