Camino Krk accommodation is offered in hotels, campsites and numerous vacation rentals and apartments. Unlike in Spain there aren’t any specialized pilgrim hostels, since the Camino Croatia route is still relatively new. The accommodation is cheaper and easier to find outside the main tourist season in July/August. 

Most pilgrims choose one place to stay and use a taxi to get to and from each daily stage. This is because it can be difficult to find accommodation for one night for each daily stage. If you prefer staying at the end of each daily stage, the best way is to use campsites.

Tourist Agencies

Agencies listed here offer organized tours and can take care of your entire Camino Krk experience. Including accommodation, daily transfers, … as well as things worth doing and seeing on the island of Krk. Especially recommended for larger groups.

Taxi Services

Since public transport options are limited, local taxi services are a best way to get to and from daily stages. Especially if decided to stay at the same accommodation for your entire pilgrimage on Camino Krk route.

If you have any additional questions, here is how to get answers.