Baška is located on the southeastern part of the Krk island, in a valley opening up to the sea. It is a place with a long history, a rich cultural heritage and a unique scenery.

The most famous local attraction is the Baška table, some describe it as a Croatian “birth certificate”. Created in 1100 AD it is the most important symbol of the Croatian history and culture.

Local history and tradition are commemorated in the Baška’s Glagolitic Trail with huge stone inscriptions of this unique Croatian alphabet.

The town and its narrow streets are laid out in the typical Mediterranean setting. It features one of the largest beaches on the Adriatic, Vela Plaža – cresnet-shaped and over 1.8 km long. There are also 30 additional beautiful pebble beaches with the crystal clear sea.

For all those that enjoy a more active vacation, Baška offers a wide selection of activities. There are over 90 km of hiking trails offering stunning views of the spectacular landscape, the Edison Zipline, as well as water sports on the beach of Vela Plaža – parasailing, surfing, sailing and diving.