At Baška there are numerous sights and attractions worth visiting. The one you can’t miss is the large beach of Vela Plaža, 1.8 km long. It is probably the most recognizable part of Baška’s landscape and a popular summer attraction, with the European Blue Flag award.

Another must see attraction is the “Trail to the Moon and Back” a spectacular hiking and cycling trail, 7.5 km long, through a forest that leads to the completely barren area with a unique scenery called the “Moon Plateau”, similar to the rocky desert.

Beautiful bays of Vela Luka and Mala Luka, can be reached through the hiking trail or by a taxi boat ride. Prvić island, a protected botanical and ornithological reserve can also be reached by boat.

To experience Baška’s impressive historical heritage make sure you visit the Church of St. Lucy in Jurandvor with a replica of the Baška Tablet, and Glagolitic trail with 35 monumental stone inscriptions stretching across the landscape.

Other interesting attractions include Edison Zipline that runs through the stunning landscape for more than 2 km, and Aquarium Baška which displays the rich and diverse underwater world.