Krk is well known for its rich cultural and historical heritage which goes back to the ancient times. You can take a walk through the historical town centre and see explore heritage sites from the past. Start with the 9m high city walls, built between the Illyrian period and the fall of Venice.

The first record of today’s walls dates even from the time before Christ. Continue with the Krk Cathedral, built on the site of an old Christian basilica from the 5th century. There’s also the Frankopan fortress, built in the period between the 12th and 14th century, the temple of the Venus – the only one on the eastern side of the Adriatic.

Other sites include rook on the shoreline dating from the Middle Ages, and the Kamplin square which served as a temple and a training area during Roman times. The remnants of the temple columns are still visible.

Beside historical and cultural sights, Krk is also known for its beautiful beaches with six blue flags, meeting the high criteria for quality seawater and amenities. And close to the town you can find a real treasure – many other small beaches and hidden, intimate shoal coves.