One of the main attractions in Malinska are its beautiful beaches. The beaches around Malinska have a natural advantage – wide and deeply indented coast , so you always have a beach nearby, wherever you go!

This diverse coast of the island created the wide range of different beaches – from rocky and sandy beaches to pebbled ones, and there are also many hidden coves offering more private and secluded areas for enjoying the crystal clear sea. All the beaches are connected by promenades so you can enjoy relaxing long walks along the coast.

Cickini Archaeological Collection

The permanent exhibition of the Cickini Archaeological Collection is located in Sv. Vid Miholjice. This valuable collection features fragments of stone liturgical furniture, as well as decorated sculptures of architectural significance.

There are parts of a stone partition, capitals and tablets, various cross-shaped motifs and biphoras originating from the Early Christian site of the same name.

According to the assessment of experts, the find site of the Church Complex located in Cickini forest dates to the period between the 5th and 7th centuries. The forest itself is a fifteen-minute walk away from the Archaeological Collection, located in the former town bakery – ‘peknjica’.