Omišalj – picturesque medieval island town

Omišalj is known for its rich Glagolitic cultural tradition, n to be the cultural centre of the island. It is located on the north west part of the island, and it is recognizable for its old part of the town adorned by medieval narrow streets and small houses which gives a special charm to this town enriched with historical heritage.

Stone monuments collection called lapidarium testify to its Glagolitic legacy.

It is believed that Omišalj had been inhibited in 3th century, and the first time it was mentioned was in 1153.

It is the first city it could be seen once you pass Krk bridge, which connects the island of Krk with mainland, and in the vicinity you can also find Rijeka airport.

The city is placed on clif, from which you can enjoy in the unique Kvarner bay panorama.