Omišalj is the first town that you come across after passing the impressive Krk bridge. This ancient town is located on an 85-metre-high cliff, with a picturesque historic center, medieval narrow streets and small houses. It has an exceptional cultural and heritage sights to explore. Placa, the heart of the town historic centre, has visible elements of the original medieval and Renaissance architecture.

The most famous attractions is Fulfinum – ruins of the ancient Roman town from the 1st century AD. with the Early Christian basilica of Mirine from the 5th century AD. This site has a unique architecture and an ambiance with elements from the Middle Ages, Renaissance and Baroque.

Other notable sights include:

  • Dubec Park – a unique example of a natural park and a monument of landscape architecture from the first half of the 20th century with a vantage point offering the stunning views of the local region
  • Biserujka – a 110 m-long cave, karst phenomenon rich in stalactites and stalagmites
  • Beautiful beaches – Pesja with the Blue Flag, Jadran, Učka and others


Traditional local events are especially colorful like the folk dance of Stomorine and an ice-cream festival in July