You can get pilgrim stamps in Punat at:

  • Punat – Tourist Office – Location: Google Maps
    – Opening hours: Mon-Fri: 8:00 – 15:30
    – Closed on weekends and holidays

  • Olive growing interpretation center Stari Toš – Location: Google Maps

As you walk downhill to the town of Punat, with a spectacular view of the bay, you’ll come across the magnificent stone monuments with Stations Of The Cross.

Punat is a town near the end of our Camino route situated in a large bay. This stamp features a traditional stone house built in the local fields and olive groves.

An idyllic island opposite to Punat Košljun is a home to a Franciscan monastery and a spiritual retreat. The stamp features a statue of St. Francis and the wolf located on the island’s boat dock.