You can get the following pilgrim stamps at these locations:

Soline Google maps link

Sveti Vid Dobrinjski  – Google maps link

Dobrinj  – Google maps link

A sheltered inlet of Soline is the location for the settlement bearing the same name. It was named after the Roman saltworks that were still in use in medieval times.

Stamp location: At the church of St Philip and James

A small hillside town of Dobrinj offers a magnificent view of the surrounding countryside. The stamp features “sopile” a traditional folk instrument from these parts.

Stamp location: Locality Perilo, entrance to Dobrinj

A small village in the interior of the island Gostinjac was named after a tavern alongside a busy medieval route. The place was first mentioned in written records from the 12th century.

Stamp location: After the church of St Vitus, on the road

This stamp features a coat of arms for the Frankopan family, a feudal overlords of the island of Krk whose ancestral home was the stronghold of Gradec.

Stamp location: Remains of the Church of the Holy Spirit

Grapes were chosen for the design of the stamp for Vrbnik. The unique sort of wine they produce – “žlahtina” here is know far and wide for its quality. Be sure to have a glass as you are passing through Vrbnik.

Stamp location: On the pillar of the e-charging station, St Ivan square