Camino Medjugorje is a link between two sections – Camino Dubrovnik and Camino Imota. It is divided into 3 daily stages, each offering a Camino experience.

The route is well marked with Camino signposts and you can also use a smartphone with a GPS file.

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The Camino Medjugorje pilgrimage route begins in Medjugorje and continues through Studene and passes by the Church of the Sacred Heart of Jesus. It continues along the Bozjak baths, the Kravice waterfall and the Ceveljusa baths. The first day ends at Humac.

Length: 21.5 km
Estimated time: 4:30
The highest point: 153 m
Lowest point: 27 m

On the second day, from Humac, you pass by the archeological site of Bigeste, a Roman military camp. It continues along the river embankment of the Trebižat River, passing by the Koćuša and Stara Mlinica waterfalls. It continues past the Markovište mission site and exits at the bridge in Tihaljina. In front of the church of St. Ilija in Tihaljina is the end of the second day.

Length: 25 km
Estimated time: 5:30
The highest point: 168 m
Lowest point: 79m

On the third day, the route continues through the largest Herzegovinian village of Drinovci, passing by the church of St. Mihovil and the birthplace of the poet A. B. Šimić. The route continues past Lake Krenica, across Drinovacki Blat to Gorica-Sovići. In front of the church of St. Stjepan the Martyr ends the Camino Medjugorje.

Length: 27 km
Estimated time: 5:30