Camino Podravina is a part of Croatian Camino route in the rural area of the North Croatia. It leads you through the rich river flatlands with unique landscapes and art heritage, including even desert sands and more.

The route , divided into 7 daily stages, starts in Ferdinandovac, passes through Kalinovac, Molve, Hlebine, Draganovec, Reka and Kuzminec and ends in Ludbreg. Stages are well-marked with signposts, and you can also use a smartphone with a GPS file.

Setup GPS route on your smartphone:

  • First install Maps.Me application (for iPhone and Android)
  • Then, on your smartphone open this web page and click on Camino Podravina GPS file download  After you download it, open it in the Maps.Me application.

Length: 25.44 km

Min. elevation: 106.5 m

Max. elevation: 122.9 m

Total ascent: 203.9 m

Length: 17.94 km

Min. elevation: 111.7 m

Max. elevation: 137.2 m

Total ascent: 84.3 m

Length: 18.68 km

Min. elevation: 113.4 m

Max. elevation: 129.4 m

Total ascent: 174.5 m

Length: 21.5 km

Min. elevation: 117.8 m

Max. elevation: 160.9 m

Total ascent: 220 m

Length: 18.36 km

Min. elevation: 146.2 m

Max. elevation: 307.1 m

Total ascent: 501.2 m

Length: 28.76 km

Min. elevation: 137.2 m

Max. elevation: 306.6 m

Total ascent: 489.8 m

Length: 22.55 km

Min. elevation: 135.4 m

Max. elevation: 260 m

Total ascent: 399.1 m