Vodice is known for its charming vibrancy and liveliness of the town, especially in the summer months. The town is located at the northwestern end of the Sibenik Canal. They are ranked among the 10 most desirable tourist destinations in Croatia. The population is mainly engaged in activities such as fishing, catering and tourist services. Taking all this into account, they are a true example of a modern and urban tourist center.

Do not miss to visit in Vodice:

  •  A significant waterfront that will charm you at first with its abundance and multicultural arrangement
  •  Wells in the center of the city – don’t forget to insert a coin for luck
  •  Parish Church of St. Cross, which is the main church in the city
  • Attraction Ćorić Tower – built of Brač stone in the 17th century
  •  Aquarium and museum of coastal tradition – for all lovers of ships, nature, and ecology

Do not miss the opportunity to try various seafood delicacies offered by restaurants owned by local residents. You are lucky if you happen to be in Vodice in August because then the Vodice festival takes place, which has been a tradition for many years. Vodice then celebrates a crazy night filled with good music, an even better mood, and delicious gastronomic delicacies.