The first day of Autumn we spent od Cerina, socializing with members and friends of the Ekosspiritus Association, the Society of St. Izidor Seljak, Croatian Mountaineering Society of St. Patrick, the Family Community of the Ekosspiritus Association and the Confraternity of St. James the Apostle. 

During the day we participated in workshops making old dishes, learned some old Samobor words, saw the exhibition of objects from the ethnographic collection (presented in a slightly different way),  prepared an exhibition of old “sacred paintings” from home altars as well as cooked on an open fire.
In the afternoon, we attended the ceremonial dressing of three members of the Confraternity of St. James the Apostle in the chapel on Cerina. Svjetlana, Ivo and Denis “shone” in their new robe.

In the evening, we prepared a few more potato and pumpkin dishes (roasted pumpkins, potatoes in a roll with pork scratchings), pork scratchings made from homemade bacon, Cerinska gusjenica (imperial meat on a spit) and listened and watched the legend of St. Taža (Anastasia) and the beginnings of Camino. 
We had a lot of fun, socialized, got to know each other…
We thank God and all the participants for this wonderful gathering.