Croatian pilgrim passport (Credential) is officially certified for pilgrim use by the Pilgrim Office at Santiago de Compostela. Use it to collect special Camino stamps along your Camino route, in order to obtain your pilgrim certificate (Compostela)

The idea was to develop a credential which is uniquely Croatian. The design was heavily influenced by traditional Croatian symbols, especially the traditional pattern which is shown in various monuments and ornaments since the 9th century. This Credential also features of a map with locations of major Croatian shrines and sanctuaries dedicated to St. James.  

If you’d like to have the Croatian Credential on your next Camino, you can get it at our webshop.

On the Croatian Camino routes, stamps can be collected at the locations marked on the map for every route, usually at local tourist info centers. To find out all the specific locations and the map, please check “stamps” section for the each route.