Camino de Santiago represents a unique walking experience that has enriched millions of lives through centuries, and which is increasingly popular today. Learn more about its history, and some of the reasons why it attracts hundreds of thousands of people each year.

In Middle Ages people walked on foot from their homes to to Santiago de Compostela, and back. Over the centuries different routes were formed in various countries. Learn more about the Camino routes stretching all over Europe.

One they decide to start your own Camino, most people have hundreds of questions. What footwear to choose, how to avoid blisters, what equipment is needed …Learn more about helpful tips and advice from experienced pilgrims who walked the Camino several times.

Well suitable for beginners and experienced Camino pilgrims alike,  Camino Croatia offers routes lasting with weekend, a week or more. Learn more about the unique cultural and historical heritage of Croatian Camino and enjoy its unique beauty of nature.